China's First Trans-provincial Subway Opens

China’s First Trans-provincial Subway Opens
China has been expanding since the turn of the century. With newfound zest and economic policies, this emerging superpower has been solidifying its economy and urban development to compete with global markets. The latest development of China would be the opening of its very first trans-provincial subway line. This line links the country’s financial center of Shanghai with Kunshan City in neighboring Jiangsu Province.
At six-kilometer, this subway line is an extension of Shanghai Metro Line 11 and cost 1.85 billion yuan (approximately 294 million US$) to build. The extension features three elevated stations – Zhaofeng Road Station, Guangming Road Station and Huaqiao Station in Kunshan. The Huaqiao Station in Kunshan is a popular stop as most commuters transit daily from Kunshan to Shanghai for work. The new extension will cost commuters 7 yuan for a one hour journey, effectively saving around 20 yuan off their traveling cost. With this extension, Shanghai’s Metro Line 11 is now the longest subway line at 72 kilometers.
Situated 50km away from Shanghai, Kunshan is a satellite city in the Suzhou region. Its immigrant population is larger than its local population while boasting a solid economy. It has been presented with the prestigious award from United Nations for its innovative approach to granting migrants the rights to essential services in the city. Its export-oriented economies has propelled the city to become one of China’s most economically successful city while attracting more and more businessmen especially from Taiwan. The newly opened subway from Kunshan to Shanghai will definitely aid in business relationships between the two cities; allowing lower cost in travelling and easier commuting for businessmen and entrepreneurs.
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