Four major Chinese market trends for 2013

Four major Chinese market trends for 2013
Chinese marketAs China enters the New Year it will certainly be consolidating its current position as one of the leading economies in the world. The nation is in the middle of a crucial transformation of its economy. There are many outside factors that will have an impact on this, from the impact of global trends to its internal environment, to the effects of government policies and scientific research.
1. Training As the Chinese economy gathers momentum in 2013 there are several major factors that will have considerable impact. First of all, the need for professional training solutions will transform the number of businesses which are performing effectively. Training is a vital component of any commercial enterprise. Failing to allocate sufficient energy or funds to establishing a comprehensive training plan are detrimental to the way any businesses perform. This is being increasingly recognised right across the board, and there is every indication that Chinese firms will continue to embrace the need to provide a rigorous tailored training platform for employees. During 2013 the number of schools and academies specifically designed to promote business understanding and professional expertise is set to increase.
2. Brand names Because the rest of the world is opening their collective eyes the potential of the Chinese economy, another great trend forecast for the year is the fact that branded applications, such as iPod for Android, will continue exploring the potential of investing in China. There is likely to be a steady rise in brand expansion over the following six months as key firms seek to develop both the employee and sales potentials within the country.
3. Online shopping 2013 is likely to see an explosion in the online shopping market in China. As consumers become ever more aware of what internal and global markets have to offer, the sheer convenience of comparing prices and then making purchases from the comfort of homes will see more and more big name retail outlets targeting China.
4. Pharmaceuticals The pharmaceutical industry will continue to prosper in China this year as the health industry continues to modernise, embracing both high-end chemical research and affordable drug prices. With the logistics of the supply and distribution of prescription drugs becoming ever more sophisticated, the whole field of biotechnology is set to continue expanding rapidly during 2013.
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