Taking a Trip to Huangshan

Huangshan is located in the Anhui province, eastern China's most rural province. A well-known name, Huangshan consists of 36 separate peak with some rising above 1,800m. While this province is not the wealthiest, it is definitely compensated with its astounding natural beauty. The peaks of Huangshan are easily hiked and each year, millions of visitors come here for its magnificent sunrise views.
Originally known as Black Mountains, it was renamed Huangshan. Legend has it that an emperor rode off from these peaks to heaven on the back of a dragon. Literally translated to “Yellow Mountain”, this long mountain range extends across four counties. A tourist spot, there are many hostels and campsites made available for nature lovers to stay a few nights while enjoying the hike up and down Huangshan. The most popular spot to catch sunrise is the Dawn Pavilion. Less crowded spots would be a bit further in at Refreshing Terrace, Lion Peak or Red Cloud Peak.
The hike up is pretty unchallenging. Even novice hikers will not find much difficulty climbing up. If you would like to feel safer, join a guided tour where you will hike up in a group. The peaks will definitely be colder so bring a waterproof jacket that is thick enough to withstand the cold wind. On a good day, you will be able to see the mountain range clearly with clouds floating nearby - a truly mesmerizing site that showoffs the beauty of mother nature. Once you reach the top, there are other things to do and see as well. They include the Fairy Walking Bridge, Turtle Peak, Flying Rock and of course, confronting extreme vertigo while overlooking this historical place.
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