The healthy state of China’s health industry

The healthy state of China's health industry
healthOverseen by the Ministry of Health, China's population of 1,354,000,000 enjoy a vigorous public health policy, based on preventative medicine, hygiene and good nutritional awareness. Historically, although free public health has waned since the days of the people's communes, the rise in private healthcare has led to considerable improvements in the quality of China's health services. Since the late 1940s, the national life expectancy has risen every year, currently standing at 74.8 years, while the infant mortality rate has decreased sharply over the same period.
The combination of market-driven policies and state control has led to an ever improving health status for the overall Chinese population. While there is no room for complacency, with sections of society still requiring particular attention, the signs are that 2013 will show continual improvements and innovations in healthcare. Four years ago there was a radical health care reform which, coupled with the twelfth Five Year Plan, really pushed for the modernisation of the Chinese health structure in three particular areas:-
• to reform the hospital system, • to provide universal basic insurance coverage, and • to ensure the promotion of essential medicine treatment.
Part of this comprehensive health drive is to provide the Chinese people with universal healthcare by 2020. This ambitious target has led to the vast mobilisation and upgrading of the entire pharmaceutical industry, as well as providing immense opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies to embrace this challenge. The government are also determined to transform the industry from a focus on generic drugs to becoming dedicated to radical innovation, with the emphasis on becoming amongst the world's leading champions of pharmaceutical solutions.
This will have a knock-on effect, as the concerted strive to remain at the forefront of drugs technology will lead to strong pharmaceutical supply lines, and the increasing funding of bold medical research. During this time Chinese medicine will also be making strenuous efforts to attain quality levels that are compatible with global standards.
These growth opportunities will continue to attract multinationals who will see the increasing benefits for extending their footprint in China. This situation is set to continue into the immediate future and on into the next few decades. China has the potential to become one of the leaders of pharmaceutical research in the world.
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